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Fabrication Services

Fabrication is a major component in all that we do. A significant part of our work entails fabricating a weldment and machining it. We employ highly skilled fitters and welders who are certified in various welding procedures. We process materials in house, employing processes such as burning, cutting and forming. For very heavy and complex forming we work with a highly skilled group of outside suppliers. We perform all fit up and welding in house. We send most of our weldments out to be stress relieved if they require machining.

  • We provide general fabrication services to the East Texas area, as well as throughout the United States
  • CNC Plasma/ OXY Fuel burning machine
  • Sub Arc welding for heavy fabrication and build up for maintenance repairs
  • Mig, Tig and stick welding
  • Plate rolling
  • Stress relieving and heat treating
  • Independent testing when required
  • Small sheet metal type fabrication to heavy steel fabrications
  • Aluminum fabrication

“Fabrication is a major component in all that we do.”